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Basic Application-Attendance Management

The "Attendance Management" module supports complex attendance and roster management (such as: manufacturing, retail and service industries, etc); catering to user requirements, the system can set multiple work shift schedules and multiple shift groups; allows flexible scheduling; provides automatic identification and collation of attendance data;   automatic delivery and reminders of unusual attendance schedules so as to make scheduling work lighter, faster, and more accurate.

· Automatically receives original clock-in data
· Set out various shift schedules as required
· Automatically recognizes shift attendance based on clock-in information
· Sets out multiple shift configurations based on shift schedules, applicable to daily, second and third shifts and various other arrangements.
· Flexible scheduling of shifts, single-item adjustment support, batch import
· Automatic collation of statistics on overtime worked, late reporting to work, early departure from work, absence, shifts, midnight shifts and other attendance-related information.
· Customizes attendance detail record management page
· Automatic delivery, email reminder of unusual attendance
· Supports options between overtime pay and rest day in-lieu
·  Supports management of switching of rest days in a pool